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The Power of Trusting Yourself: Developing Intuition and Discernment in Sobriety

While intuition and discernment are similar, they are not the same. Intuition is an immediate, deep inner knowing that speaks through the body while discernment is more the ability to make a mental judgement call. Alcohol, marijuana and pills separate us from both. For some of us that is intentional. For others, it is a side effect of our decision to use. Either way, use creates a barrier between our truth and our action.

The more space we create to honor our intuition, the easier it becomes to access. The more often we practice noticing when we make a decision and collecting data that points to what is right for us, the faster our discernment and self understanding becomes.

It's all practice.

Intuition - immediate understanding, deep inner knowing, speaks through the body

Ways to tap into intuition:

Soma check-ins


Quiet reflection

Discernment - ability to judge or decide, is a skill that takes practice to build, speaks through the mind and body

Ways to tap into discernment:

Practice in low intensity decisions

Notice your process

Reflect on tangible outcomes through story and sensation

Reframe mistakes as opportunities to learn


Where does intuition live in my body?

What is the relationship between intuition and discernment?

What does my relationship with my intuition and my discernment have to do with my relationship with alcohol?

Today’s Mantra: I trust my ability to tap into my intuition and discernment.

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