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Intentional Living - Choose Your Word for 2024

Intentional living is all about moving from a position of clarity and presence. When we approach our day to day lives with genuine attention, we create space to show up and take action in honor of our goals. 

When we simplify our intentions for the new year, we create clarity for how we want to show up and how we want to feel. By choosing a single word that can act like our filter for the events, connections, and actions we choose to take, we give ourselves a supportive tool that lasts the whole year. The simpler we make it, the easier it becomes to follow through. 


I want my actions to match my words. I want my thoughts to match my heart. I want to trust myself. What I truly want to feel is coherence. Coherence was my word for 2021. My filter was - Are my words matching my actions? Are my actions matching my words?

I want to feel rested, healthy and full of life. I want to feel energized without caffeine. I want to feel so nourished that I have an overflow of energy. Nourished was my word for 2022. My filter was - Does this nourish me? Does this deplete me?

I want to feel joy. I want to feel hope. I want to trust myself and trust that I can show up. I want to let go of this shame. I want forgiveness. My word for 2023 was forgiveness. My filter was - Am I acting, thinking, or speaking from a space of unconditional love?

I want to feel balanced, have access to the full range of my emotions and trust the way I show up in the world. What I want to truly feel is peace. Peace is my word for 2024. My filter will be - Does this action support or undermine my peace?


What do you think of when you think of intentional living?

How does sobriety empower my ability to live intentionally?

How do I want to feel moving forward?

If I were to simplify these feelings into one word, what would it be?

What are 2 ways I want to embody this word?

What are 2 ways to create more play and practice around this word?

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