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Together, we can do anything.

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Group Meetups

Looking for in-person support for your sobriety journey? We've got you covered.

Our co-created group environments are designed for you to feel seen, heard, and respected wherever you are on your path. Through monthly in-person mindful use meetups, women's spirit circles, and gratitude walks, we cultivate connection with self, nature, and community. Each event is a dedicated and intentional alcohol and drug free environment and is facilitated (or co-facilitated) by a certified sobriety coach and community facilitator (me!) so you have lots of supportive space to practice being you!


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Group Meetup FAQ

+  Do I have to be in recovery to join the community?

+  Does it cost anything to participate?

+  What types of events do you hold?

+  Where in the Alton area are events held?

+  What can I expect from an event?

+  What can I not expect from an event?

+  Are men or children allowed to attend events?

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