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Sobriety Creates Space

Sobriety creates space for us to be with ourselves. It allows us to get in touch with emotions, sensations and ideas that are dulled by continuous use. Sobriety moves us from auto-pilot to conscious creator.

When we are stuck in habitual use, we are distracted from the signals of our minds, bodies and hearts. Because our senses are dulled we are unable to pursue that great idea or to let go of that thing that no longer lights us up. We get stuck in a cycle of recovery where our days are spent running toward or away from that which we have become dependent on. A cycle that can take time, money, self respect and relationships away often leaving little behind but guilt and shame.

That is why sobriety, even for 30, 60 or 90 days, is such a powerful choice. It allows a connection to be made with the parts of the self that have been overlooked, discounted or out right forgotten. It allows us to reconnect with our joy, our self worth and our sense of self compassion.

Taking breaks from alcohol and substance or leaning into long term abstinence allows our systems to recalibrate and our capacity to grow. Space within ourselves opens up and we are given the opportunity to create lives that we feel proud of and excited for.


What do I notice when I think about creating more space for myself by letting go of alcohol?

What sensations do I recognize within my body as I think about letting go of my use?

What stories do I notice as I start to play with the idea?

What support would I need to create this type of space for myself for 30, 60 or 90 days?

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