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Event FAQ

Do I have to be in recovery to join the community?

Nope! This group has been named based on the anticipated participants, but the ultimate group understanding is that all participants are "just sober for today/this event."


Does it cost anything?

The monthly Mindful Use Meetups + Gratitude Walks are, and always will be, completely free. The Women's Spirit Circles are paid events. Please reach out via email or social media if you have any questions or concerns. 


What kind of events do you hold? We hold a monthly mindful use meetup that is focused on sharing around the joys and challenges of choosing a mindful use/sober path. We also hold a monthly women's spirit circle that is a paid event focused on small group connection, self study + supportive community. During the warmer months, there is a monthly gratitude hike for those who enjoy connecting in nature.


Where in the Alton area are events held? Downtown Alton, The Nature Institute + Pere Marquette.


What can I expect from an event? A supportive space that cultivates connection and allows the collective awesome within each of us to flow. You may find yourself feeling an overflow of love and curiosity for all those involved and an excitement for what the future can hold. Having a little social anxiety? ME TOO! This is one of those times where trusting ourselves to lean into the fear will leave us feeling inspired and relieved!


What can I NOT expect from an event? These meetups are not AA or based on a therapeutic framework in anyway. The events are meant to be fun + lighthearted with a focus on cultivating relationships based in respect and reciprocity with other local women. If you are having a crisis or are on the verge of relapse, these may not be the best settings for you. Please call your sponsor and/or find a meeting -


Are men or children allowed to attend events? For the comfort and to respect the expectations of all participants, please leave men and children at home. Of course, if circumstances do not allow - just shoot me a message first and we can discuss!

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