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Working Together

Self Empowerment Coaching

I help sober/lucid/curious women reconnect with themselves through systems of pause, reflection and creative action. Together we examine existing patterns, get curious about what lights you up and, together, cultivate + practice systems of accountability that work long term.

We May Be a Good Fit If...

  • You’re looking to learn more about who you are beyond the lens of use

  • You desire accountability while you are building supportive routines and rituals

  • You are sober/lucid curious and are looking to reconnect with parts of yourself that may have been pushed aside while misusing alcohol/substance

  • You feel alone in your journey and you desire connection with community

  • You're looking to replace shame with celebration on your sobriety journey.

  • Moderation isn't working + you find yourself desiring a new 

1:1 Coaching

This program focuses on providing you with the tools and support to cultivate a loving and lasting relationship with your whole self.  During our time together we will bring awareness to your current patterns, cultivate curiosity around change and create and implement an individualized plan of action. 

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6 Week Program

  • 1- 90 Initial Session

  • 5- 60 minute sessions held weekly for the duration

  • Post Session follow-up emails

    • Includes an overview of call​

    • Homeplay exercises & resources

    • Email/Text support between sessions

12 Week Program

  • 1- 90 Initial Session

  • 11- 60 minute sessions held bi-weekly for the duration

  • Post Session follow-up emails

    • Includes an overview of call

    • Homeplay exercises & resources

    • Email/Text support between sessions

Single Session Check-In

Signing up for a single session check in is a great way for us to connect on a specific topic. 

Topics for Single Session:
Mindful Use Practices & Resources
Journaling - Building a Practice 

Check-ins for Accountability

Session Time: 60 Minutes Via Zoom
Follow- up email provided 


Please Consider the Following:

These programs are for:

  • Women who are desiring accountability while they are building new habits and systems that support their goals.

  • Women who are looking for a supportive addition to therapy/counseling. 

  • Women who are open to the structure and support of a coaching container

  • Women who are ready and willing to show up for themselves.

These programs are not for:

  • Those who are going through major life upheaval - divorce, major illness, loss, etc. 

  • Those who are looking for a replacement for therapy or medical care.

  • Those who are unwilling to commit to showing up for themselves.

Your mental and physical health are important. These spaces are designed to add value to your life, not to serve as a substitute for medical care. I am not a doctor or licensed therapist. Please consult your primary care physician, mental health professional, or healthcare provider before starting any new program or if you have questions about your health.

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