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Green Forest

Hi, I'm Jo.

I created this community as a safe haven for other women to join together in judgement free space while they navigate the ins and outs of creating a life they feel proud of.


For 15 years, I struggled in my relationship with alcohol and substance use. I used alcohol, marijuana, pills and other substances to avoid and disassociate. Often relying on instant gratification to get by. It was only through a series of wake up calls that I knew something had to change. 


I've spent the last 4 years learning how to meet myself with compassion and working to change my world from the inside out, I have emerged on the other side sober, lucid, and, for the first time, living a life I feel grateful for every day. 

The impact of this work truly is limitless.


Today, I am a certified women's sobriety coach and certified SMART Recovery group facilitator ready to help women like you bring awareness to your patterns and fuel your self-compassion for recognizing where you are so you can create an aligned plan of action for where you are going. 

My goals for this community and for my coaching practice aren't wrapped around an agenda of wanting everyone to be sober, in perpetuating moderation as an aligned and accessible solution for everyone or in blaming alcohol/drugs for all our problems. 


My goal is to help you create and celebrate systems of self awareness, self acceptance and personal responsibility through connection. 


I help you create ways of meeting yourself where you are so you can make choices that are aligned with your values moving forward.


That often means taking a long, intentional break from habitual use so we have the space to get curious and take responsibility for the way our lives are unfolding. Alcohol, pot, pills, party drugs aren't the problem. It's the way we glorify, romanticize and interact with them that are.


I do believe that mindful use is possible but that does not mean it is an inherent goal.  

Whether through in person community meetups, virtual coaching or connecting through social media, I’m glad you’re here.

Meet Other Local Women Choosing to
Live a Lucid/Sober/Curious Lifestyle

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