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Finding clarity.

Embracing change.

Celebrating success.

Self-Empowerment Coaching and Resources
for Sober + Sober Curious Women


Are you feeling stuck in your sobriety journey?

Are shame and disappointment sticking around after

you've made the decision to moderate or quit full stop?

Are you craving clarity around your direction in life?

Now is the time to take charge of your story!

Check out the information below to learn how we can work together to create a sustainable shift from shame to celebration.

Woman on the Street


Individual and group coaching programs devoted to providing resources and support to help you on your path to cultivating a loving and lasting relationship with your whole self.

Group of Women Having Coffee


Local, in-person gatherings featuring monthly support groups, women's spirit circles, and gratitude hikes focused on co-creating intentional + accessible sober / lucid community environments.

Woman on Phone


Resources designed to provide inspiration and support for every step of your personal journey.

Hi, I'm Jo.

I created this community as a safe haven for other women to join together in a judgement free space while they navigate the ins and outs of creating a life they feel proud of.

For 15 years I struggled in my relationship with alcohol and substance use. I used alcohol, marijuana, pills, and other substances to avoid and disassociate, often relying on instant gratification to get by. It was only through a series of wake up calls that I knew something had to change.

I've spent the past 4 years learning how to meet myself with compassion and working to change my world from the inside out. I have emerged on the other side sober, lucid, and for the first time, living a life I feel grateful for every day. 

Reach out to learn more about the ways we can work together to release your stories of shame and rewrite them through the lens of celebration and self compassion. 

Jodi Rae Sober Coach

Jo’s coaching style provided me the safe space I needed to explore my own needs, values, and goals without judgment or shame. The structure she provided is exactly what I needed to be able to practice my own self care in my own way. “Spacious Expression” is an apt name for Jo’s coaching, because that’s exactly what she offers: space to ask the questions and practice the tools for expressing yourself more fully. I highly recommend Jo’s coaching.




Alton, IL

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